Experience the transformative power of Dysport® at The Aesthetix Lounge, Lancaster, PA - your destination for natural-looking, youthful skin! Reduce wrinkles effortlessly with our quick, 10-20 minute Dysport® treatments. Enjoy lasting results for up to 5 months. Minimal downtime, maximum beauty. Schedule your session today and revitalize your look with The Aesthetix Lounge's expert care.


Sculptra stands out from regular fillers, and The Aesthetix Lounge is the #1 med spa provider. As a biostimulatory cosmetic injection, Sculptra encourages the production of your body's natural collagen, effectively reducing facial wrinkles and enhancing your skin's firmness for a rejuvenated appearance. Experience firmer, glowing skin in the entire cheek region, and tighten skin along the cheeks and jawline. 95% of patients had improved skin glow up to 2 years after Sculptra treatment.


Restylane fillers utilize a gel technology comprised of clear hyaluronic acids. These are sugars that occur naturally in the skin, aiding in hydration, volume, and elasticity. Restylane will minimize wrinkle visibility while restoring fullness and volume to the face and hands. Other aesthetic treatment uses include attaining plumper lips and correcting the look of a recessed chin.

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