Microneedling & Chemical Peels

The Aesthetix Lounge med spa in Lancaster offers both microneedling and chemical peels services. Microneedling is a minimally-invasive procedure that helps reduce wrinkles, scars, and skin discoloration, while chemical peels help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage.

Both treatments are effective in improving the overall look and feel of your skin.
microneedling and chemical peels lancaster pa

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SkinPen Microneedling
SkinPen rejuvenates from the inside out for younger looking skin. It is the first FDA-cleared microneedling device and is proven safe and effective, delivering results that last up to six months. SkinPen is a quick-and-easy treatment with little to no downtime, and it is proven to improve the appearance of acne scars and wrinkles on the neck. The addition of PRF (platelet rich fibrin) boost your results! Your blood is drawn and centrifuged to yield complex Fibrin Matrix rich in Platelets, Leukocytes and Mesenchymal stem cells. For 10-12 days this results in the constant release of Growth factors and interleukins which accelerate tissue healing and regenerating processes, enhancing your results.    
75 min - $350
Spot Treatment - 45 min - $200
Face & Neck + PRF - 90 min - $600

RF Microneedling
RF Microneedling is a cutting-edge treatment that can improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. This non-invasive procedure combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy to help stimulate collagen and elastin production for smoother, firmer and more youthful looking skin. With little to no downtime, RF Microneedling is an effective way to achieve a more rejuvenated complexion.
*Call for Introductory Pricing Specials*
Face & Neck - 120 min - $750
Face/Neck/Decolette - 135 min - $850

Deep RF Microneedling
The DEEP RF 36-Needle Handpiece is designed to tighten, smooth, and revitalize skin on the arms, abdomen, glutes, thighs, and other areas on the body.
Pricing varies, starting at $900

Exact RF Microneedling
The EXACT RF Single needle handpiece is used to target areas around the mouth, eyes, jawline, and others that require absolute precision.

Exact RF Microneedling
Periorbital Upper & Lower

Chemical Peels

Level 1 Peel
Transform your skin with a collection of professional light chemical peels. A highly effective way to achieve results with little downtime. You and your experienced aesthetician will determine which light peel from this category is best for you. Choose from a selection of alphahydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and mandelic acids. All of these chemicals are the milder choices than those used for deeper peels. You can repeat these treatments at regular intervals to achieve your desired results.
$90 - 30 min

Level 2 Peel
A medium depth chemical peel is used to treat acne scars, deeper wrinkles and uneven skin tone. The chemicals used for this type of peel will remove skin cells from both the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and upper part of your middle layer of skin (dermis), helping to correct these skin conditions. This type of peel is for those who have been treated with peels in the past. Agents frequently used for medium depth chemical peeling include TCA (trichloroacetic acid), Jessner's solution and glycolic acid.
$130 - 30min

ProClinical Perfect Derma Peel
Features a powerful, clinically proven blend of acids and antioxidants for a fresh, more youthful appearance. Pro Clinical Peel is a non-RX, superficial peel without any downtime. The formula is fragrance, oil and paraben-free and a superficial peel with relatively no downtime.

The Perfect Derma Peel
The Perfect Derma™ Peel is safe, effective medium depth peel for All Skin Types & Ethnicities. This product is virtually painless, with no pre-peel skin preparation and little downtime. The Perfect Derma™ Peel is the only peel that includes the powerful anti-oxidant Glutathione, which lightens and brightens the skin, slows down the aging slows down the aging process and helps prevent wrinkles.

The Perfect Derma Peel - Acne Treatment
The Perfect Derma™ Clear is a booster for acne featuring Benzoyl Peroxide. This booster is an excellent addition for patients with moderate to severe acne or acne scars on the face, chest, back or any body area.

The Perfect Derma Peel Plus
This Booster is an excellent addition for treating stubborn Hyperpigmentation including melasma, thick, oily or resilient skin, Actinic Keratosis, and age spots on hands, arms and chest. The Perfect Derma™ Plus Booster is to be used in conjunction with The Perfect Derma™ Peel.

The Perfect Derma Peel Plus Plus
Our newest and most advanced booster featuring 4% Hydroquinone, The Perfect Derma™ Plus Plus is an ideal addition for patients with oily, thick or resilient skin. It is highly effective for stubborn hyperpigmentation, acne scars, actinic keratosis and sun damage on the face and body. This booster is to be used in conjunction with The Perfect Derma Peel.

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